Why do I feel fatigued? Injure more often and not feel as creative or clear headed?

Advances in medicine have increased life expectancy, but the price is shockingly steep with an unusual increase in degenerative diseases, such as arthritis, heart disease, chronic fatigue, muscular dystrophy, f ibromyalgia, obesity, ADHD, bipolar disorder, osteoporosis, depression, cancer etc. Adopting the conveniences of processed foods may free us from the drudgeries of the kitchen but it is becoming painfully obvious that although we may be living a bit longer, we are falling apart much earlier. Linus Pauling, recipient of two Nobel Prizes, stated, “You can trace every disease, every sickness, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.  The search for better health begins with an adequate and ample mineral base.” Your body has basic intelligence.  It is designed with feedback from your cells to know what’s required, and given the choice, will seek out those foods with the nutrient value you require at that moment in time. This may be a leap of faith for some, since we are not accustomed to using our senses as sharply as our ancestors, who probably would not have survived without a keen ability to determine good from bad. One of our challenges today is to f igure out exactly “how we know what we know.” Ask us about mineral testing.