Tri-Athletes: Specific customized Deep Tissue sports related therapeutic massage to address the various combinations of muscle groups that are stressed when quickly moving from swimming to cycling to running with the requirements of Ironman distance and speed.

Athletes- Cyclists, Runners, Swimmers, Hikers, Tennis Players, Soccer, and Softball, Ballet, Pilates and Yoga all benefit from regular Massage. We recommend a minimum 1x/month unless training for an event and then potentially 1x/week. Regular massage is preventative as it is a diagnostic tool to determine if you need more icing, stretching, mineral intake, massage or just to recover and not perform your normal athletic acticities for a day or two

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Parents working at home and/or taking care of a number of children, the house, driving to all of the kids events, and getting in personal exercise often find themselves injured in unusual ways frozen shoulder, strained hamstrings, stiff neck, numb or tingling in hands or sciatic pain from mid back down through glut into mid hamstring. Often by performing point of inception massage we determine what is causing the problem while we work together to stretch and elongate strained muscles.


Whether you work 5 or 12 hrs a day on the computer, handheld or phone, you are prone to neck, upper back and shoulder blade (Rhomboid) pain and stress. And, if after this intensive work schedule you exercise to reduce stress (which is GREAT!!), you may also experience additional pain in your upper trapezius, latissimus, SCM, scalene and shoulder muscles. Often what we call "Desk Jockeys" have similar muscle pain and constriction to those who perform isometric exercise (ballet, yoga or any person that holds a position with arms extended and lifted for a period of time). Some clients hold their dominant arm elbow extended in front to "mouse" while slightly slumping in a chair and extending neck and head forward in a "turtleish" position while focused for hours on their monitor. This become exacerbated if the client is working on a laptop or handheld device.  This difficult and stressful position is often held isometrically for hours while a program is created, or emails are read and answered. The computer worker often forgets to move, stretch and relax muscles constricted during daily computer work.  (I have heard clients tell me they don't want to get up to go to the bathroom because they have so much work to do. That is not recommended!) Some of these same clients have long drives in traffic (1-2hrs) with their hands at "10 and 2" isometrically holding a similar or same position during stressful driving. This position, with extended arms poised and held just at or above shoulder level exacerbates the stress that is placed on the muscle in the neck, deltoids, shoulders, SCM, Rhomboids. The client ends up with shoulders rolled forward and neck bent forward, chin jutted out created a "hump" in the upper vertebrae of the back and eliminating a natural healthy curve of the neck and thorasic vertebrae. The result is intense and often chronic pain.

We do not believe that pain is "normal" and should be tolerated as part of working or working out.

We encourage specific programs of massage, pilates, acupuncture, (sometimes chiropractic) as well as cardio,weight training exercises and stretches to strengthen and support abused muscles. We also discuss programs that include: increased fluid intake, muscle supportive supplements, a diet high in green leafy foods, (spinach, kale, radiccio, arrugula, brussel sprouts, bok choy etc) as well as regular active stretching and complementary exercise (swimming, yoga, pilates, along with running, cycling, or weight lifting)