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Dianne (CMT, California state certified)

Dianne has been working in massage for over 15 years. She has a unique Deep Tissue methodology, warming up the muscles while going deeper and deeper to stretch, soothe and stimulate blood flow, lymphatic flush (toxin cleanse) and endocrine flow. The increase in blood flow brings oxygen to the muscleswhich encourages faster recovery (healing). The increase in lymphatic flow facilitates the flush of waste product that is often "stuck" in the muscles due to athletic activity.  Stimulation of the endocrine system often brings on a feeling of "lightness" or euphoria after a deep tissue massage and although is not directly tied to a physiological response, provides relaxation and stress relief which may be as important as the physiological benefits of massage

Dianne often works with athletes (tri-athletes, runners, swimmers, cyclist, tennis players, golfers, and "desk jocky" computer workers, skiiers, snowboarders, water skiiers, kayakers, etc.  (you will find her at the 2014 Deathride providing massage to all riders). She has over 1600 hours of acreditation working with physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, acupuncturists (see bio on in-house acupuncturist Saralyse Kissler)

During a workout the body breaks down fat and muscle. The waste product from that activity accumulates in the tissue, often causing pain and constriction. In a two hour massage you often get the same lymphatic flush as in two weeks naturally (*Miami School of Medicine massage research).   Dianne works with the client to encorporate Nutrition, Exercise, Stretching, Fluid intake, Supplements, Massage and Acupuncture as a program of healing. 

 We do not offer the standard "cookie cutter" massage. Each massage will be customized and based on your physiology, anatomy and kinesiology. Dianne will evaluate your work and athletic activities and design your massage to eleviate muscular constriction, tendon strain and promote proper ligament alignment.

Dianne specializes in Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Swedish, Custom Sport Therapy, Pre-Natal and other modalities


Ginger (CMT, California state certified)

Ginger has a style that is similar to Dianne. She has taken her experience from NHI to help each client enjoy a restful, gentle, yet at the same time deep tissue therapeutic massage. Ginger is studying to become a physical therapist and can discuss anatomy, the specific points of inception of your pain and will offer recommendation on stretching and exercise. Ginger specializes in Swedish, Moderate to Deep Tissue, Pre-Natal and Shiatsu. Ginger's clients love her style and regularly comment that they wish they could receive massage every week from her.


Brooke Kaufman (CA CMP)

Brooke Kaufman specializes in Deep Tissue, Swedish and Reiki energy work. She also uses high quality essential oils as an optional addition to any therapeutic bodywork session. 

 Health and self-care are top priorities in her life because she has learned from experience that she is best able to serve others when she is healthy and strong, both mentally and physically. She practices yoga and meditation and loves to cook healthy, delicious food. Brooke brings this holistic perspective as well as her intuition and a healing, nurturing touch to her clients.

Brooke is renowned at Healing Through Touch Massage for her amazing hands, feet and shoulder treatments. Gentle yet firm massage applying deep pressure to "trigger" points and an intuitive sense of how to relax specific muscles without pain during treatment. She specializes in working with Athletes or those recovering from surgery as well as client who need energy work.

Brooke is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, and is the owner of Balance Within Nutrition, an on-line meal planning service, specializing in creating custom meal plans for people with food allergies and intolerance to specific food additives like benzoates, salicylates, MSG and sulphite derivatives.

Food allergy triggers the immune system, while food intolerance does not. Some people suffer digestive problems after eating certain foods even though their immune system has not reacted - there is no histamine response.

Foods most commonly associated with food intolerance include dairy products, grains that contain gluten, and foods that cause intestinal gas buildup, such as beans and cabbage. Feel free to discuss nutritional challenges with Brooke and glean healing information from her.

Please feel free to request her specifically for your next treatment

Ben (CMT, California state certified)

Benhas a wonderful talent for combining modalities to insure utter relaxation and a healing experience for each client. Ben graduated from the Shiatsu Clinic & School in Iowa City, IA and relocated to Santa Cruz, CA in 2007. He is currently enrolled at Five Branches University pursuing a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Ben offers a unique type of massage that is not commonly available. Focused Touch Massage as well as Deep Tissue, standard Shiastu, and Swedish.

Philosophy of Focused Touch Shiatsu

Your muscles are designed to work as a system of balance, pushing and pulling against one another. This balance supports your skeletal structure and keeps your bones properly secured in the body’s joints.
Mis-alignments in the skeletal system are often caused by imbalances, typically due to muscle tension and weakness. As we are always under the strain of gravity, a postural imbalance, if left unchecked, will lead to greater imbalance. This is usually expressed through tenderness and pain.  Any activity that requires sustained activation of certain muscles over others will lead to postural imbalance over time, resulting in strain and increasing the chance of injury. Even sitting for too long can create imbalance in how the muscles push and pull against each other.  Focused Touch Shiatsu can also decrease recovery time from injuries increasing circulation of blood and oxygen, by improving range of motion and relaxing the strained tissues, 

What is Focused Touch Shiatsu? Shiatsu is a pain relief treatment that differs from traditional massage. Massage is a general term, and there are many methods of massage which are aimed at bringing about flow, movement and homeostasis to the circulatory, muscular and lymphatic systems.Focused Touch Shiatsu has been modified to combine eastern and western principles to quickly target specific areas of pain and tension and return the affected muscles to their relaxed state, bringing the body to a more natural alignment. People who receive Focused Touch Shiatsu treatments often report relief from chronic and acute pain, improvements in structural alignment and range of motion, and an overall sense of wellness.The effectiveness of shiatsu has been studied for the last two decades. Many results are publicly available and research is ongoing.

Ben's clients consistently express joy and relief at the mitigation and/or elimination of their pain, as well as improved body consciousness and relief from structural imbalances. He is truly a healer and not just a practitioner of a healing art.


Saralyse Kissler, L.Ac, Masters

Saralyse Kissler, L. Ac, Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Saralyse is a certified California primary care provider. She specializes in both internal medicine, oncology, immunology, as well as muscular, bone, ligament and tendon pain relief. Saralyse has helped 4 women become pregnant, reduced and in some cases eliminated several clients' allergy symptoms. She is also well respected as a caring healing and will work you to solve your pain or health challenges by exercising a variety of healing techniques,including: Acupuncture, E-stim, Herbology (Chinese Herbs), magnets, nutrition, exercise or any combination of the above to insure each patient experiences her caring approach to productive healing. Saralyse has recently moved her practice to Santa Cruz exclusively. If you are interested in seeing her at the shop please let us know as she does make special visits as needed.