Tri - Athlete Massage - Deep Tissue with focus on the stress, tension and injuries typical for Tri-Athletes. We provide soothing focused massage with moderate, firm or deep pressure customized based on each client's needs. The customized massage works to flush waste product remaining in muscle tissue due to the breakdown of fat and muscle from intense running, cycling, and swimming. This "waste product" is often called lactic acid, but is, in reality, many chemicals and primarily the residue from fat and muscle "tear down". Flushing waste product is essential for efficient lymphatic flush which promotes early pain relief, improved healing and tissue regeneration. The body's lymphatic system flushes this waste regularly after muscle exertion.  Studies at the Miami School of Medicine have shown " a two hour massage provides approximately the same lymphatic flush as the body experiences in two weeks naturallly In general Tri-Athletes have the healthier tendon, ligament and muscle content than athletes that only do one of these sports. The combination of these three athletic activities performed in concert (e.g riding in the am, swimming or running in the afternoon or evening and alternating days over a week) provides strengthening and stretching of muscles during each individual activity that support the other two. The combined and alternating these three activities provides tendons, ligaments and muscles a reprieve from repetitive stress syndrome (RSS). RSS often causes severe bone and tissue degeneration due to high performance and stress on consistent tendon, ligament and muscle performing the same activities every day. (Runners,  for example, often run daily without giving the muscles used in running time to "recover" or develop healthy strong tissue strengthening and improving performance. The same is often true of cyclists and swimmers who experience the same challenge of repetitive stress using the same body mechanics daily).

In combination with massage we recommend other healthy practices including:  stretching, icing, posture awareness, nutrition and increase electrolyte rich fluid intake.

Appropriate, gentle, and most importantly correct form during moderate stretching, as well as, regular icing after intense workouts have been shown to reduce and/or avoid muscular injury.  Consistent stretching has been shown to reduce injury and pain. Specific and exact form including gentle induction into deep stretches (moderate stretching only is recommended) is key in avoiding injury from extreme or excessive stretching. Most import to muscular health is reduced inflammation to promote healing. Icing is an important way to minimize pain and aid in the body's recovery process. This is true whether you are feeling ongoing pain or not). Icing daily can be instrumental in avoiding serious or prolonged injury. Finally, posture during sports activities and daily life (cooking, computer work  sitting in meetings or at a desk) when not exercising, is essential to healthy muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Weight training to strengthen muscles before they are under duress during an extensive and repetitive activity is another way of avoiding injury and excessive pain. Athletes who work at developing and strengthening muscles stressed by sports activities, while in a controlled environment like a gym, have found marked improvement in speed and agility as well as reduction in injury.  

Our massages combine Deep Tissue, Acupressure, Trigger Point, MyOfascial therapy as well as moderate Thai massage table stretches. Upon request we may also provide feedback on muscle health, elasticity, and potential causes of constriction. 

We look forward to helping you reduce pain and excel pain free in your tri-athletic activities.