CustomIZED Massage THERAPY

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage

Deep Tissue Massage customized for anyone with chronic or acute pain from injury or exercise. Massage relieves pain from stressed muscles, tendons,  and ligaments and avoids recurrence of injury. Our clients include home and office workers, as well as crossfit, runners, cyclists, swimmers, tri-athletes, or those suffering from chronic severe pain. Each massage is customized to facilitate healing based on your athletic activity, historic injury/surgeries,  nutrition, hydration, even muscle pain from posture at the office or home. Our goal is to help you maintain a pain-free active lifestyle.  

Our deep tissue massage includes  "point of inception massage" techniques.   Point of inception Customized Deep Tissue Massage focuses on muscles used in your athletic activity, long hours at a computer, and injury or pain from day to day life . A newly developed ''tracing" methodology eliminates deep muscular adhesion, "knots", that cause chronic muscle spasms. Therapists locate pain at the point of inception, where muscles spasm, employ a form of  integrated trigger point, shiatsu,and deep tissue . The customized massage is designed to reduce pain, and elongate muscles based on your physiology, anatomy, and kinesiology requirements.

Benefits of Customized Sport Therapy Massage

Clients often experience increased blood flow (chi), lymphatic flow and endocrine flow resulting in relaxation and rejuvenating of constricted muscles. Muscles recover from physical exertion faster and the body uses less energy in the recovery. Clients often experience Improved athletic performance from regular massage throughout the training cycle. Massage facilitates muscle development, increased speed, agility and flexibility. by stimulating increase blood flow bringing oxygen to the muscle for repair and recovery, lymphatic flow, flushing waste products left in tissues during the breakdown of fat/muscle from athletic exertion as well as providing a passive stretch. .

Healing Through Touch Massage utilizes a physiologic physical therapy(PT) style massage and specializes in  injury and recovery for:  Triathlon (Olympic, Ironman etc), Cross Fit training, Tennis, Soccer, Running, Swimming, hiking, and yoga. Your therapist will focus on specific muscles, tendons, ligaments interactions throughout the body that may be the cause of your pain. Our therapists are extremely knowledgeable in physiology with over 15 years of experience working with Physical Therapists, Orthopedic surgeons, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Nurses, and Nutritionists. A full medical intake will help the therapist customize your massage. Each massage will be designed and customized based on your body. Our goal is to reduce inflammation and pain throughout the body including  the primary causes of pain.

Focus by muscles linked to pain. Therapists may focus on low back (Sacrum, IT track, tensor fascae, gluteous maximus, hamstrings, psoas, piriformis, aductor longus), shoulder/neck (sub-scapula, trapezius connectivity to cranium, SCM -sterno clavical mastoid neck muscles, levator scapula, teres major/minor, supraspinatus, bicep tendon, deltoid, iliocostalis), low/mid back (longissimus, QL, serratus posteriour inferior, adductor),   legs/calves (adductors, gastrocnemius, soleus, quadracepts) calves/feet (peroneous brevis (reflects outer foot pain while running), soleus, peroneus longus, Achilles tendon) as well as other small muscule spasms and constrictions that may be the source of your pain.


Lifestyle: Nutrition, Hydration, Stretching, Posture.

At your request, we will work with you on nutrition, hydration, stretching technique and lifestyle modifications that will facilitate healing quickly and compliment the benefits of massage.  The combination of deep tissue physiologic massage and lifestyle changes typically provides reduction or elimination of muscle or tendon strain from cycling, running, swimming, hiking and/or in combination with poor body dynamics while traveling and working at a computer in combination with athletic endeavors. 

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MyOfascial Release Therapy


MyOfascial relief therapy provides gentle sustained pressure on the myofascial connective tissues to eliminate pain and restore motion. Our method of MRT provides gentle re-alignment of collagin fibers in a pattern to allow maximum strength and function. Fascia is thin tissue which covers all the organs of the body and cannot be separated from muscle when working to release pain and constriction. Trauma from repetitive muscle stress (working out daily or on similar muscle groups repeatedly) may impact fascia causing restriction. Massage releases the constricted fascia to relieve associated back, neck, shoulder, elbow, IT band, carpal tunnel, fasciaiitis plantar as well as achilles tendon strain often found in runners and cyclists, computer works and weight trainers.

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