Cross Fit massage falls into it's own category for many reasons. Cross fit works on a variety of muscles and is designed to stress, tear down and build muscle at a rapid rate while focusing on natural body form and function. As a result Cross Fit clients tend to have more lactic acid and other body waste chemicals "stuck" in muscle tissues resulting in sensitivity to deep tissue massage. Combining Lymphatic, Shiastsu, Acupressure, Deep Tissue and MyOfascial techniques focused on the supportive "smaller" muscles often results in efficient elimination of the waste product chemicals.

Some Cross Fit gyms recommend that the stiffness and waste product pain are a natural result of developing muscles rapidly. While true, Cross Fit clients have an unusually high amount of this waste product and chemical "stuck" in tissue which may result in constriction and ultimately tearing tendon and muscle tissue during regular fitness activities. The "waste product" is residue from the breakdown of fat and muscle prevalent in Cross Fit clients due to the intense and rapid movements of a typical WOD (workout of the day). Lymphatic drainage massage has been shown to facilitate speedy recovery and offer the client opportunity to work at an ever increased pace and agility minimizing the opportunity of injury. 

Many of our cross fit clients are now experiencing modified deep tissue massage designed for cross fit. They have not experienced "weakness" or reduction in strength by eliminating the extensive waste remaining in muscle tissue causing pain and inhibiting quick recovery/healing. On the contrast, our clients have found an improvement in their agility, speed and quick muscle development.