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Deep Tissue Massage customized for individual needs including: pain management, relief from muscle or tendon strain from cycling, running, swimming, Tri-Athlon training, tennis, soccer, hiking, and power yoga. Also effective pain relief for combined activities including computer "desk jocky" that are also active in sports, or those suffering from muscle pain due to chronic repetitive activities.

Customized Deep Tissue Massage focused on muscles used in your athletic activity, long hours at a computer, and injury or pain from day to day life . A newly developed ''tracing" methodology eliminates deep muscular adhesion, "knots", that cause chronic muscle spasms. Therapists locate pain at the point of inception(often different from insertion) where muscles spasm, and employ a form of trigger point, shiatsu,deep tissue massage integrated with various modalities. We provide customized massage designed to reduce pain, relax, sooth and elongate muscles based on your physiology, anatomy, and kinesiology requirements. Clients often experience increased blood flow (chi), lymphatic flow and endocrine flow resulting in relaxation and rejuvenating of constricted muscles. Muscles recover from physical exertion faster and the body uses less energy in the recovery. Massage facilitates muscle development, increased speed, agility and flexibility. by stimulating increase blood flow bringing oxygen to the muscle for repair and recover, lymphatic flow, flushing waste products left in tissues during the breakdown of fat/muscle from athletic exertion as well as providing a passive stretch. 

Deep Tissue massage is recommended for tri-athletes, swimmers, runners, tennis players, cyclists, weight lifters, as well as computer workers or mom’s with young children. Deep Tissue massage can be beneficial to anyone who performs repetitive physical activity or is recovering from surgery or recent injury. Athletes benefit from the increase in blood flow to damaged muscles that are regularly impacted by the breakdown in fat and muscle that leave waste product in the tissues causing undue inflammation, constriction and pain.  They also benefit from increased lymphatic flow that speeds up recover. In a two hour massage you may experience the same lymphatic flow as in two weeks naturally. We offer a customized deep tissue “point of inception” massage to traces pain to the point of origin for your specific pain relief.

We focus on penetrating yet soothing release. Each massage is specifically customized for your type of work combined with your athletic activities and day to day life. This is not your standard “cookie cutter” massage, nor is deep tissue a traditional “spa relaxation” massage.  Whether you are a Tri-athlete, computer work who uses a gym regularly, mom of small babies, recovering from surgery or any of the aforementioned combined, we recommend a custom deep tissue massage. We look forward to having the opportunity to help you eliminate pain, constricted muscles, tendons, ligaments and focus on specific muscles used in all of your activities or injuries.

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  • $115 - 60 minute Deep Tissue Massage 

  • $150 - 90 minute Deep Tissue Massage 

  • $115 - 60 minute Reflexology Massage  

  • $115 - 60 minute Shiastu Massage  

  • $115 - 60 minute Pre-Natal Massage  

  • $115 - 60 minute Reflexology Massage

  • $160 - 90 minute Custom Sports Therapy Massage

  • $115 - 60 minute "swedish" massage available upon request  

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