Dianne is a well rounded massage therapist that participates in many sports for the joy of it! and to better understand the injury, aches, pains and muscular issue that are incurred by all athletes. 

We have over 2500 clients, most of whom are Tri-Athletes, Cross Fit, Mountain bikers or Road Cylicsts, swimmers, runners, snow/water  skiiers/boarders, surfers, kite surfers, hikers, speed walkers or those recovering from injury from any of the above.

Dianne is an expert skiier (a quiver of skis including Voikl/Soloman popsicle sticks and most recently Incline Village Praxis built only at Incline Village CA).

She also enjoys long distance endurance tri-athletic sports and is a an experienced road Cyclist, Runner and Swimmer  (cycling: Lite Speed Ghisallo, Sienna and Arcon C3 as well as redline Cycle Cross), a variety of running shoes/heart rate monitor/Garmin on the bike and 920 wrist, and various swimming acutrements including practice paddles, and some fun extras such as Finis MP3 player. Dianne swims at a moderate pace currently but understands the rigors of competitive swimming(2.12/100m).

Dianne is proficient at snow boarding (Roxy Banana Smoothie) and mountain biking (Ellsworth Truth, Enduro M5, Specialized hardtail) and recently learned to surf (epoxy 9'2" 21 inches wide and 2.5 inches thick), beginner enjoying 3ft blue water tubes in Costa Rica! and now again in local pacific waters.  And she also enjoys Tennis, Basketball and Raquetball

New sports on the horizon that Dianne is studying include Kite Surfing and Scurfing (surfing behind a water ski boat). 

Because Dianne is athletic, she is able to better assess each injury and offer recommendations for recovery and pain relief. She coordinates with Chiropractors, Acupuncturists and also receives referrals from Orthopedic Surgeons, Physical Therapists as well as Trainers and Pro instructor