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How do I find the first available Appointment

I looked at the Appointment Calendar and it appears the only availability is not for several weeks. 

Help:Please choose the most flexible selection when performing you search, for example, rather than limit your time or day of the week, select all (Mon - Fri, 9am -9pm) no specified date. The result will be a comprehensive list of every available appointment for the next few weeks and months. 

Help: If you still cannot find an appointment when you wish, please feel free to call us and we will make every effort to help you find a convenient time/day.

How do I add  a Spouse or Family member to my Package?

Help: In order to share your package with a friend, spouse or family member you must first create an account for this person. Please go to, 

Should I call or go online to book an appointment?

We recommend that you click on book appointment, or here, to review available appointment times/days. If it is an emergency we will do everything we can to help you


14595 Los Gatos Blvd, Los Gatos CA, 95032

Newton Shopping center

Please turn in the shopping center where we are located when you see Leslie Pools and Fed Ex visible from the road.  Drive to the back of parking lot.  We are located next to Eric'a Deli upstairs in Suite 3.We share space with Gateway Wellness Center in suite 3

If you have any questions please call 408-887-7107

How do I write a Yelp review?

Go to

Enter "Healing Through Touch Massage" and "Los Gatos" into the search bars at the top of the Yelp screen. Click on write reviews. If you are not a registered member of Yelp, you will need to add yourself as an account before they will allow you to comment on a vendor or service. We hope you enjoyed your massage and are feel less pain and discomfort. If you have any questions about Yelp, please do not hesitate to ask

Should I wait for the next discount coupon instead of buying a package or coming in on occasion at full pay?

Coupon ads are targeted at new clients. If you are an existing client please do not come in on a coupon. We offer existing clients low priced services with up to a 20% discount. We get less than 1/2 of what you pay when you purchase a coupon. The coupon company gets the majority of the money you spend. For example we charge $95/hr for our package massages. If you come in on a coupon for a 1hr massage at $95 we do not collect $95. The coupon company pays us around $30-35 out of the $95 you paid. They take a large commission and often have us pay for credit card processing. Your help is appreciated. Thank you